University Bookshop (UB) was established by the late Kazem Kutob in 1969. With years of experience in both stationery & books, coupled with a vision of what a modern trade shop should be like, Mr. Kutob started out his business in Jabal Al-Lweibdeh. His mission was to provide customers with an outlet outside of down-town Amman, where all business was conducted at the time, while offering them quality products and a good service.

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He believed that his customers were his biggest asset. He also believed that honesty and integrity were the two most important values of a credible businessman.

The trade name ‘University Bookshop’ was chosen at the time because Mr. Kutob owned a property opposite the main gates of Jordan University and he wanted, one day, to open a branch there having the right trade name at the right location.

When the family’s second generation joined, the need to modernize the business was a top priority. University Bookshop was the first stationer/bookstore in Jordan to automate its business and introduced the use of computers in the early eighties of the last century. Wasfi Al-Tal branch, which was opened in 1992, was the first fully automated store in its category in Jordan in terms of inventory, invoicing and accounting.


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In 2001, University Bookshop opened its branch opposite the main gates of Jordan University during the life of its founder, and hence his dream to open a branch there was fulfilled in Kazem Kutob’s lifetime.

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University Bookshop trades in books, office and school stationery, greeting cards, art supplies and quality writing instruments.

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In books, University Bookshop is considered to be one key player in servicing the Jordan market in almost all of its categories, e.g. trade, references, medical, schools and universities textbooks, amongst others. University Bookshop prides itself to directly deal with an extensive list of world class publishers on both sides of the Atlantic.

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University Bookshop has also a branch within the campus of Princess Sumayya University for Technology, servicing its teaching staff and students with their needs of adopted university textbooks, e-books as well as all their other necessities.img_2875img_2859 img_2853

University Bookshop currently operates under the umbrella of Kazem Kutob & Co., which further expanded its business in the services sector when ”Utopia”, a female student hostel, was opened in the same building complex housing University Bookshop opposite Jordan University. “Utopia” ranks among the top student hostels in Amman.

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Almost five decades later, customer service and quality products are still the priority of University Bookshop. With the second generation running the business, the values taught by our late father are deeply embedded in all its partners.  We pride ourselves in serving a third generation of customers.

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